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Hello Scribe Tribe
The Visual Scribe Tribe community is here for Digital profession members interested in visual scribing (graphic facilitation, sketchnoting, information design, drawing). The community is a safe and inclusive space to:
  • build and nurture capability of aspiring through to professional visual scribes;
  • share and apply for visual scribing opportunities to gain experience;
  • celebrate achievements;
  • share your work for feedback regardless of level of experience; and
  • be champions of visual scribing and building the professional profile to be accepted as part of ‘the way we work’ in government
We hope you can join us and contribute to the conversation, upload your useful items to the library and even publish a blog post.

We also have a community meet-up event every 3rd Tuesday of the month. 


Please remember that this site is strictly for unclassified information only.



  • Join the Visual Scribe community meetup on 2nd Friday of each month! This Friday (15 Oct) at 3.30 pm we have a mini workshop with the awesome @Lynne Goodyer : Technology, Innovation and Design Manager, Services Australia To participate ...

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