About mobility opportunities

About mobility opportunities

What are mobility opportunities?

Mobility is the temporary movement of capability within and between agencies. 

Mobility opportunities enable managers to access digital professionals from across the Australian Government to address work demands, solve complex problems and build skills in staff. 

Longer term full time mobility arrangements are often supported by secondments or temporary transfers. 

We encourage managers who need digital skills to think about how they can break work down into short term flexible opportunities.

Short-term flexible mobility opportunities are like micro-assignments and can be set up quickly and easily. Staff stay connected to their home teams using ‘Informal arrangements’. Staff retain pay and conditions in line with the home organisation’s enterprise agreement and remains on their home organisation’s payroll.

Read about how short term flexible opportunities can support learning by doing in our stories and case studies.

For further guidance on mobility for managers, employees, HR and executive, see the APS Mobility Framework.


For employees:

  • Make connections
  • Showcase your skills
  • Gain experience in other agencies
  • Learn by doing
  • Make a difference on meaningful opportunities

For host managers:

  • Tap into the digital talent to deliver better outcomes
  • Uplift your team's capabilities
  • Build networks with other organisations
  • Learn from new perspectives and ways of working
  • Secure expertise to solve complex problems

For home managers:

  • Broaden staff skills and experiences
  • Retain talent and build employee engagement
  • Develop professional networks
  • Contribute to the vision of one APS working better together

    Why would you apply for an opportunity?

    Make connections

    Your new colleagues may be down the hall or across the country

    Build skills

    Advance your career by developing new skills and experience

    Make a difference

    Use your talent on short term opportunities that are meaningful for you