Applying for an opportunity

Applying for an opportunity

You can either browse open opportunities or you can create your own post to say you are open to an opportunity.

How to apply

You can browse opportunities on the 'Mobility opportunities' page.

When you find an opportunity you are interested in, please read the contact information at the end of the post. This tells you how the person prefers you to contact them which is generally direct chat in the Member Platform or through a government email address. You could also reply to the post if you had a question to ask the opportunity.

The application process is short and easy. It includes:

  • A short pitch (few a paragraphs) about why you’re interested in the opportunity and what you have to offer.
  • You could also add a link to your digital profession member profile, LinkedIn or attach a current resume.
  • An informal chat with the opportunity host to see if you're a good fit for each other.

While these opportunities are not as exhaustive as some full-time role applications, writing a good pitch will increase your chances of being selected.

Writing a personal pitch

Your pitch is a chance to tell the agency why you are the right person for the opportunity. It should clearly say:

1. Who you are

Open with a little bit about yourself such as your current role, special skills and experience, or a brief overview of current responsibilities.

2. What you offer to this opportunity

Show the value you want to bring to this opportunity. Talk about how your skills, experience and attributes are relevant for the opportunity.

Tip: Make a list of all things you’re awesome at, the things people love you for, and the things you are proud of. Once you have all your awesomeness down in one place, pick out the pieces that feel the most relevant to the opportunity you are applying for.

If you are less experienced in the digital skill asked for, talk about your interest and enthusiasm, relevant training you have done and how you are currently working on building this skill.

3. Why you are interested in this opportunity

Let them know why you want to work on this opportunity. Some ideas to include are:

  • Your motivation
  • Desire to get experience working at this agency
  • Wish to be involved in coaching/mentoring
  • Desire to work with different people with different skills
  • Your interest in the specific topic
  • Wish to develop skills
  • Desire to contribute to the one APS vision
  • Need a temporary change (it’s as good as a holiday!)
You can withdraw your application at any time by contacting the person you sent it to.

Register your interest in a short-term mobility opportunity

Want to flex your skills, complete meaningful work and make connections across government?
You can simply reply to the thread '
Open to short term opportunities'.

You will need to include:

  • Your skills: List top 3-5 relevant skills and attributes you would like to share or develop
  • My skills profile: I have completed my skills self-assessment, you can view this by clicking my name. (Please delete this section if you haven't yet completed your skills self-assessment).
  • What you are interested in... Describe what opportunities you're interested in, the types of problems or tasks you would like to work on
  • Time available: How much time can you commit to per week?
  • Your preferred contact: We recommend that you ask people to contact you via direct chat in the Member Platform or your government email address.
  • #Mobilityavailableshortterm (Include this hashtag to make sure your opportunity displays correctly. Ensure you select this hashtag from the "formal site tags" list)

You can withdraw your interest in opportunities at any time by deleting your reply to the thread. You can also edit your thread if you decide something has changed.