How it works

How it works

Informal arrangements support short-term mobility

Under an informal mobility arrangement, staff members can work elsewhere on government priorities for a few days to a few months while remaining on their home organisation’s payroll.

Informal arrangements:

  • used by agencies who have a close working relationship
  • usually a few days to a few months
  • employee retains pay and conditions in line with the home organisation’s enterprise agreement and remains on home organisation’s payroll
  • ASL remains with the home organisation
  • employee can be ‘shared’ between the organisations if desired (e.g. a two-three day split, or ‘week on week off’)
  • usually supported by an email or letter

Reference: Mobility Fundamentals, APS Mobility Framework

The host manager, home manager and employee will agree on what schedule works best for them to complete the opportunity.

Examples of flexible ways staff may spend their time on opportunities:

An image of six calendars showing different ways of chunking down work over the course of a month.

Share your stories

We would love to hear from people who have participated in short-term mobility opportunities. You can view case studies and stories from previous participants, or get in touch to submit yours.