Matching an applicant

Matching an applicant

Reviewing applications for your opportunity

When you post an opportunity, it's best to clearly state how you would like people to apply for your opportunity. 

We recommend that you ask your applicant to contact you via direct chat in the Member Platform or your government email address.

Keep the apply process simple to encourage more responses. For example, ask your applicants to write a couple of paragraphs about themselves and why they are interested in this opportunity. To make it easy for your applicant, you could give them the option of linking to their Member Profile, LinkedIn or sharing a Resume.

Get in touch for a chat

When you like a person’s application, we recommend you get in touch to organise a quick chat to see if they are a good match.

Be prepared to answer questions about your opportunity and talk about how it could benefit both parties.

You may want to check here whether the applicant has had approval or not in principle from their manager.

Choosing your applicant

How you notify your successful applicant is up to you.

Once you decide on an applicant, we recommend organising a chat between the host manager, home manager and successful applicant to set up a lightweight mobility plan. See Onboarding for more information.

Notifying unsuccessful applicants

When you have confirmed someone for your opportunity, you will need to let other applicants know that they were unsuccessful.

Your message may look something like:

Hi [insert name],

Thank you for applying for our opportunity [insert name of opportunity].

Unfortunately, on this occasion your application was not successful but we encourage you to apply for other opportunities in the future.

Keep an eye out for more short-term flexible opportunities on the Digital Profession members' community.

Best wishes,

[insert your name]