Members' code

Core member values​

Professional knowledge​

  • Understand user needs when designing and developing digital government products and services​
  • Deep understanding of the effective use of technologies to deliver government products and services​
  • Understand ethical, security and privacy considerations when making decisions on the appropriate use of technologies​

Professional practices​

  • Advocates for and/or actively applies the Digital Service Standard in the improvement and development of government products and services​
  • Create and maintain collaborative ways of working to avoid duplicate interactions for users when accessing government products and services​
  • Design and develop inclusive government products and services that are simple, clear and fast, and can be easily accessed by all users​

Professional engagement​

  • Continuously engage in professional learning​
  • Engage collaboratively and professionally with colleagues, communities and across the public service in accordance with public service codes of conduct​

Definition of digital professional​

A digital professional ​

​Someone who has the skills required to provide advice, design, build, maintain and/or continuously improve government digital products and services.​